Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Birthday Blues

Another year older.... another year none-the-wizer!!!!

What is my purpose here on this plane? erm collecting soo much fabric that our entire street can have eco-friendly insulating ...? Soo much fabric that I could keep us in cushions through here to eternity? Sooo much fabric... yeah you get the gist... 

In all honesty I don't know, I've reached supposed middle age, I don't reckon I am  middle aged, but timeline wise I am, and well what am I supposed to feel? If tired is one of the 'symptom's' then, well I have that, but that could be attributed to the four children, plus friends of children that run riot through our home at all hours, keeping us "young".., or it could be attributed to me still breast feeding our youngest, he is now just over 1 years old and still prefers to have my milk over and above any other kind of liquid. Give him a beaker of juice and he will take a mouthful, then dribble it down his front... much easier on the wash basket to have me feed him... oh and I get loads of cuddles too... ;-)

Well if truth be known, there is another year between me and middle age, but I think its going to take me that long to get used to the idea of being 40! :-(

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