Sunday, 4 March 2012

And in the beginning - The lost blog spot! dur

An ordinary pillow case, unassuming and rather erm old age Laura Ashley, if I do say so myself, a lady Blogger -
had the very generous idea to give a pillowcase dress making tutorial.. well that got my ball rolling, I followed as best I could to her pattern or advise and mine came out like this.....

The lighting doesn't show it to its best but it truely is stunning, my daughter will look the billy bobbins in anything including a bin bag, but wow, she really did look like a princess in this little piece of designer wear!

So or sew, depending upon your bent, I will now use the new creation to make some more, but not just for my daughter, I have friends who also have daughters that need or will need to have one made for them... then there are the lovely little ladies in far reaches where money really is beyond anyones grasp, they really do need dresses - why shouldn't every little girl have a pretty dress indeed - 

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