Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Where do sellers who want to sell and not pay for an auction site sell?

Answer - Folksy, its a lovely looking site, its fresh and very very easy on the eyes, easy to navigate through and so typically made for handy people...

Handy people are the ones who use our hands for things other than, typing out listings etc.

Hand made not made at home, a totally different meaning all together!

Some of my things are home made, but.. they wouldn't be for sale for that simple reason alone :-)

Oh did I ever tell you I hadn't ever made myself a pin cushion? Well I did today! lol For the first time in my life I made a me item, its a little brown faux mole skin and fillet crochet triangle puff of a pin cushion, I did try to sew a pair of hexagons to the rectangles to make them into a cuboid type thing. How on earth did I think that was going to work, and why on earth did I chose the hardest possible method to create a 3 dimensional puff??? Blonde? oh yes! Baby brain...? most definatly.. morphine playing a huge huge role in the rediculous to sublime things that are popping into and out of my head? heck yes... ah enjoy, read and

Now, I must create, make a dress for a little miss pretty... she deserves it more than I...

Janey x

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