Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lib ME!!!!!

Ah, with a stash of fabric and a baby boy stuck to your hip, look what you can do???!!!

Baby Girl was out today with her child-minder, our boy isn't quite ready to be separated from mummy for any length of time... He's like a blood hound when it comes to sniffing me out, not that I stink! But I do smell of Baby Heroin... Breast Milk!!!!! ooooo yes, my son is sew finely tuned to the scent of my milk that I can be in the study quiet as a mouse and he will appear at my feet, then pawing at my bra straps!!!

Any way I digress..... These two came to me in a wave of inspiration... I absolutely love the butterfly material in the middle of the top block, I mean really really love it... My life was sew well flat, before I bought it :-)

Then the four block lime and lilac... this was born of four pre cut squares I had bought off Ebay. An expensive way to quilt, and patchwork, but, if like me you've a chronic back injury its the only way to get cut up material en masse.

Both are liberated blocks, none were made following a pattern or a real design, not one had an end design in mind either, in fact, when I had got to the 'ended' state on the lilac/lime block - I realised that something was definitely missing... hence the green butterflies at each corner... they cover up the lack of fabric at each end....

All in all and despite a raging cold that is threatening to turn my nasal passages into the Suez Canal, I did a blinking good job of getting them done and finished to a point that they can be used in a - dare I say it - quilt!

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  1. Hi - Step Two will be posted this Friday... Here is a suggestion for your Step One. Pick one of your blocks you have pictured here. Pick two other fabrics and make two strips (approx 1.5 inch and 2 inch - cut about 4 inches longer than the block. Iron and starch the block. Slash the block from one side to another. Sew in one of the strips. Press again, slash and insert. Done!

    : )