Thursday, 8 March 2012

Liberty Removed

My mind has been running amok with ideas for liberation quilting or blocks, these I am thinking can be used in so many ways:-
Obviously there are the quilt sections, then there are the pillow case dresses... why not? a bit of this then a bit of that should give them all the more individuality and soo much more colour, too many things to write down, then my tired eyes wander about the 'study' and land on 'The Art of Quilting', a many part series which cost a reasonable price for the first one, and therein costs about £4 per issue (1 a week). I have to subscribe as I can't get out and about very well. 

Now as much as I like the look of the quilt and think that it will eventually look lovely, it has the harsh conservatism of normal quilting sets and sharp squares, triangles etc to stick to. Infact the first 'block', is the age old four patch block, which is designed to teach us followers to make extremely straight, ridged and perfectly matching seams....

Do I miss the point? perfectly matching? what happened to the history of quilts? each one made from items of clothing no longer worn and the quilt then given as a wedding present? Can't imagine a pair of 'britches' have a perfectly straight grain to allow for a perfect seam?....

I guess its me, I am tired, its been a long day of feeding (breast feeding a 10 month old with a cold - again, oh for a full nights sleep), I will ponder the conundrum through the night and get back to you,

its good night from me, and good morning from him.... (British will understand this humour)


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