Thursday, 22 March 2012

Where did Today go too?

Wow a flurry of here there and every where!

I can't tell you what I have done really that took up sew many hours in the day leaving me unable to produce anything but a pink themed BubbaGemz necklace and nothing else... oh apart from the envelope that I wrap the necklace in...

I was in such a caffuffle that I didn't even take any photographs like I normally in order to keep an eye on what's trending and what's not so hot!

I have a lovely thick linen upholstery material that has woollen embroidery embedded into it, a fantastic fabric that is just screaming for me to do something with it... I just don't know what! ? Another cushion is most definately going to be one of the items, however, surely there is something else that can come of such a gorgeous piece of fabric?

If you know or can think of anything that would look good... maybe a throw for a super king size bed... or a bed runner? oooo I like that! yes a cushion to start and a bed runner for us... Thanks girls :-)

"Confronting the "unknown" makes it "known" - therefore reducing the fear"

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