Saturday, 24 March 2012

Off the road... or off roading...?

What do you do with a few spare jeans and idle hands?

Thats right hack and make... a bag?! Yes a bag,
and using a really gorgeous pillow case as a lining it looks really lovely now, infact I am so incredibly pleased with it, that it will be going shopping with me from now on.
A very very deep bag, that is strong, as jeans are, may not be waterproof, but thats not an issue.

Why should I follow the protocols of 'normal' hacking and remaking? the legs will be used to make a quilt of the frayed variety. This left the tops of the jeans, one doesn't wear shorts anymore as my legs aren't as beautiful as they once were, old mother time has caught up with me on that one.

That was the project of the 'funday' tomorrow is Sunday and this will see me making rectangles for the quilt. It's going to be very heavy, so fingers crossed it will be alright?...

If any of you fellow bloggers have any experience of making a denim or jeans quilt then please would you get in touch with advice please?
thanks in advance

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