Sunday, 4 March 2012

I have just found out that my eclectic quilting style designs actually do have a real name, category and many other people that follow the anarchy of none conformist quilting lines, whoa thats a whole Wikipedia entry! LOL
 Liberated Quilting, a place I love to be, see idea's, create items and basically enjoy colours, textures etc that bounce off each other rather than flow calmly into a quilt or other patchwork item.

The above is a rough and ready cot quilt made by me in only a few hours for our Baby Boy, His bedding was in the wash and was not going to be ready for his afternoon snoozle... Hey presto, left over bits of fabric made use of.
And though you can't see it too well, I did quilt 'Sleep' at the top just in case he wondered what his quilt was for.... 


  1. So, glad to have you join us Liberated Quilters! What matters is that we have fun, express our creativity. make and give gifts from the heart, and don't worry about perfection! I think you're a great addition to our group :) As a mother of must be incredibly busy..but do come over and visit my place. I have tons and tons of liberated quilting links and tutorials etc. I think it's awesome you made a cot quilt in time for a nap :)

  2. LOL the quilt for the cot making experience was like watching two cats fight, there is fur and spit and claws all over the place all at once in a massive frenzy...

    There was fabric and cotton thread, spit (sweat and needles) claws, going 10 to the dozen, but I did it and it is sew lovely, he sleeps on it at the moment (Daddy seems to think the very thick and plush mattress isn't soft enough for his first boy (5 children he has and only one boy!).

    He loves sleeping on it, a front sleeper, needs a very comfy underbelly on his bed I guess for his knees, forehead and toes.. pretty much all that is touching the mattress at one given time.

    I shall pop in now, and see what you have on offer - I love to learn new things, maybe I will only do one item, but at least I can say I did it.

    Thanks for befriending me, and Yes I think the group is a good new addition to my list of places to go ;-)