Tuesday, 6 March 2012

OK OK I AM tired.....

At class I attempted to complete the 'Wall hanging' that we are making as a part of the qualifications... all my petals look very deformed, the sewing is well actually very dodgey, the colour scheme... nope I don't like it now! Am I going to change it? NO. Whilst I don't like it, I have made it, and as a result I will keep it, for future reference that is, at some stage I have to get better. The law of averages says so, and if its a law, then it must be right, right?

It doesn't look that bad, really it doesn't, I just am a worse critic than anyone - maybe the kids are slightly more honest and harsh..., so yeah, its OK. It won't make our wall, but I can say I have done it, what about it did I enjoy? the quilting sewing, other than that... erm oh and getting used to the brother sewing machine that is super quiet when compared to the clunky toyota quiltmaster 50 I have... brand new and the automatic needle threader doesn't work! lucky I have glasses for close up stuff.

Try anything once, you never know, you may like it... :-)

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