Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Yup as the title suggest I did do another cushion, well not strictly another one, I finished the brown square blocked one.

My characteristic 'sit' has been appliqued onto it, I used a fine voile in shimmering pink, well actually I would go so far as to say that it is pearlised pink, looks really lovely. My initial idea was to use bright red, but when I placed it against the browns it didn't quite sit right for my eyes. The other half thought is was ok, to me the colour in the 'roses' didn't match with the red at all, where as the pink shimmer does pull some of the floral colours out of the fabric.

I have kind of cheated on the back and have used the envelope method, rather than buttons or a zip. The zip I have put in the large Union Jack pillowcushion is a jacket one, it can be zipped up or down from either end, and the zip can come totally apart from each other which makes getting the filling out very easy.

and there it is....

what do you think? will it pass muster?
Our house guest has suggested that the prices I am thinking of asking for each one is way way short of the mark, if you were to see this or infact any of the cushions I have put together, what would you expect to pay for them?

thanks for your help ladies, x

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