Wednesday, 14 March 2012

As you can see another day of productivity...

Well actually I didn't do much, or it felt as though I didn't.

The dress has turned out really nicely, and whilst its too big for bug, I have estimated that it should do a 5 year old, as per the charity instructions, no zips or buttons, or fasteners of any kind. Being creative with elastic isn't that easy when you are very very tired having been up until the early hours of the morning with a poorly young boy :-(

I haven't considered using red with blue until I accidentally placed the red material over the pillowcase and saw that, yes indeed it will work brilliantly!

Another pillow case was bought today too, though, and please don't strike me down with a bolt of lightening, I really like it and think that bug will look gorgeous in it. Sew I plan to make a dress for her, and then once she has grown out of it - not too long at the rate she is growing, I will send it to the charity for another little girl in a far flung area where pretty dresses are in short supply x

Thanks for reading, and please, if you have any crafty experience or sewing ability, get to work and make just one dress... x

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