Saturday, 24 March 2012

Encaustic what?

Today at my Mixed Craft class we did another week of 'encaustic art' - art that involves wax that is pigmented and an iron - for want of a better description.
You place the wax block onto the iron once it has reached the correct temp; then wipe the iron across the medium you're 'painting' onto....

Me having as much artistic ability as a dog does opening a can, was not looking forward to it at all. I did it two weeks ago and found that I really really didn't get on at all with it. My art looked like a Jackson Pollock - more like swapping the P with a B! It was hideous really hideous... so this week I was expecting just the same....

Well actually I was pleasantly surprised, I actually made a scene, although me being me, couldn't just leave it as it was, I had to attempt to touch up and be perfect... that's when it started to turn into the blob, take a deep breath and relax.... leave the painting alone...That as it turned out wasn't an option either, we then 'transferred' the painting onto fabric. 

I knew we were doing that so had taken some with me, I selected a neutral linen, but, didn't counter for the texture of the linen, in hindsight a smooth cotton blend would have worked much better, for a 'flat' picture, however, mine turned out looking like an oil painting and I have to be honest I was actually very impressed with myself, tutor was equally as impressed with the fact that I was able to paint the little birds with the nose of the iron without turning them into blobs or pterodactyl's ( spell checker's a great tool)

Will I take it up as the next best thing? NO but I tried and it was not quite as bad as having a filling done, so next time, I won't go along with the not so certain attitude I went with today... 
Today's note for the day -
Try anything once, you might just enjoy it x

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