Friday, 9 March 2012

One of a bunch of very talented block-ers

I have a few friends who are so very talented and are participating in a 'block-swap', what a fantastic and comunitie-orientated idea!

Each lady creates a block depending on their style and colour way, they then send each block bar one to the rest of the group members.... The other group members are all in the meantime beavering away making their blocks to pass on to their friends...

Me being me has offered to be part of this, however.... I can't find where the blinking thing has gone... again family brain cell being used by another member,

Tonight I can't make and create blocks as I have found a shop that stocks local hand crafted items, I went in with the idea of putting some of my makes in there and they have said, come along, a redirection to our facebook page (I don't know if they have visited yet) and fingers crossed they should see what I can do...

The liberty quilters have a blog spot too, so I will be routing through a few more for inspiration, and ideas - plagiarism is not an option

1 comment:

  1. Actually, I got it wrong, its not a physical swap, you make a block then virtually send it to the recipiant... I guess that she then creates the block herself?
    Though I love the idea of a block swap, how much fun would that be to do?