Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fillet Crochet table cloth, moleskin material & a satin purple blouse.

The idea for this came to me quite some time ago, well actually about two weeks, which in terms of my mind, a long time ago and the fact that I remembered it is fairly phenomenal!

It was originally intended to be the table cloth on the moleskin and that would have been that, however, when our neighbour dropped all her no longer fits her clothes I noticed this blouse that was way too small for me to get into. Being of sound crafting mind, I then cast my line into the crafting deep to see what I could hook up! and this is what I came up with.

I have a number of magazines that I subscribe to, and in one there were the instructions for doing roses, so I did the large central rose on the central floral decoration that was already on the table cloth, and then made four smaller lengths of fabric to make the four corners. The large one in the centre just looked odd so I blinged it up with some little gems, the four lil' ones needed no extra help to look pretty!

This is how I spend my time, when not breast feeding, cleaning, ironing and general mummy duties... would I change anything? not really, just more hours per day!

If you have seen this and have taken some inspiration please message me and I can send you the instructions, however, if you are considering making money from this design, please let the buyer know that the designer is me, not you x thanks x

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