Monday, 12 March 2012

What a Busy lady I am?!

Today has been a flurry of stitching, measuring and cutting up of materials, to make some very pretty cushion covers - even if I do say so myself.... :-)

The union jack cushion is more the size of a pillow, but I have made it to be used on a sofa, for those moments when you lay down and just need a pillow, a cushion just will not do! I had thought about this one for a while, and finally decided on which ribbons to use when I was actually making it.

The little brown pillow with hand appliqued flower petals, I have actually been making for weeks, but, as I had no use for it, I didn't know just what to finish it with, and it lost momentum, - until today that is! I have decided to use it in my baby girls room as a cot cushion, perfect for her, my others will all want one thats for certain.

The crochet and rose cushion I made a while ago, however, it is sooo lovely I couldn't just leave it hidden!

And finally, the brown square, still in the process of being made, I will finish it tonight, and post photos tomorrow.

Very busy very busy....

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